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Over 127 km of safe passage to Hike, Bike, Run or Walk

G2G Fat Bike Challenge - Sunday Feb 17th, 2019 127 KM Multi-Purpose Trail - Hike, Bike, Run Or Walk The Trail

This is not an organized ride with a start and finish time. Ride when & where your comfortable on the trail! Tag your  friends and cycling clubs. Be a lead rider or join a group of others. G2G is an open free trail that is maintained so we like to see groups get out and ride.

Looking for a winter challenge? Grab your friends and get out on a fun afternoon of fat bike riding the G2G Rail Trail Experience. Organize amongst your groups/friends and choose the location where you want to start. G2G Rail Trail has 5 suggested locations to meet up, but you could start in any community along the trail.

  1. Milverton Kiosk
  2. Goderich Menesentung Bridge
  3. Blyth Kiosk
  4. Elmira Kiosk
  5. Ariss Kiosk

Challenge other riding groups to meet out on the trail, socialize and share your favorite tips on how to maintain your bike in the winter months.  Get you favourite Bike Shop out and supporting the G2G Rail Trail Experience!


Added Bonus

Make a donation of $25 or more towards G2G for the Fat Bike Challenge and you could win a stay at LUX Hotel in Blyth value of $300.  To enter the contest go to: https://g2grailtrail.com/donate/ Under the ‘Fund’ drop down select: Fat Bike Challenge and make a $25+ donation.

    Click here for larger pictures:  LUX Hotel

Winning Details

One night stay in the Greenway Room at LUX Hotel in Blyth themed after the North Huron Greenway Trail.

Owners Colleen and Shane have just opened Hotel Lux in Blyth.  The hotel has 3 rooms that are designed with BLYTH’s rich history in mind. 
One of the rooms is named Greenway Room for the part of the G2G Rail Trail Experience that goes through Blyth.

Included in your 1-night stay is a bottle of local wine. The package has a $300 value and your stay must be arranged for 2019.

It’s a new year and G2G is looking forward to seeing our supporters out on the trail. In 2019 G2G Rail Trail Inc. is moving ahead with plans to complete the G2G Rail Trail Experience with the installation of the larger bridges and needs financial support for the $100,000+ need to fulfill the project management budget.

Don’t let the colder winter weather scare you. Get your bike out and come join the family-friendly G2G Fat Bike Challenge.


Snail Mail – Send us a cheque (made out to G2G Rail Trail Inc.) or money order to:

G2G Rail Trail Inc.
36-620 Davenport Rd
Waterloo, ON
N2V 2C2

Charitable receipts issued upon request.



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G2G Trail Committee


The Goderich to Guelph Rail Trail, which has become known as G2G, runs 127 km along the former CPR railway line, which stretches from downtown Guelph to the waters of Lake Huron. It is overseen and maintained by volunteers and steward groups who are passionate trail enthusiasts.

Working from the original plan that was drafted over 25 years ago, the G2G Rail Trail volunteer based advisory committee stepped up, roughly five years ago, to adopt the responsibility of completing the proposed rail trail.

The G2G Rail Trial Advisory Committee leads working groups along with the existing established trail groups. The central purpose and goal of the committee is to foster a final operational plan for future maintenance and trail development using all best practices and resources available.


Kissing Bridge Trailway

G2G_KissingBridgeTrailway (1)

The Kissing Bridge Trailway  is the 45 km section of the G2G that runs between Guelph and Millbank and is overseen by the Kissing Bridge Trailway Advisory Board. The Kissing Bridge Trailway travels through rural communities, rivers, and wetlands of Southern Ontario. While on the Kissing Bridge Trailway, you are able to take a 2 km detour to view the West Montrose Kissing Bridge, the last covered bridge in Ontario.

The Trailway offers a unique view of the surrounding farmland and extends into Mennonite county. The surface of the trail is mainly composed of stone chip and is extremely flat and even due to the fact that it runs along a former railway. This makes the trail suitable for many activities, including Hiking, Biking, Running, and Walking.


Perth Harvest Pathway


Passing by rich southwestern Ontario farmland, the Perth Huron Pathway runs from Millbank to the outskirts of Monkton via Milverton.

Not far from the PHP the neighbouring Avon trail can take you back to Waterloo Region on a fresh route towards Conestogo.


Lake Huron Route


The western end of the G2G Rail Trail begins in Walton and ends at the shores of beautiful Lake Huron in Goderich, Ontario. Running primarily through Carolinian forest and agricultural lands, the LHR encompasses the Goderich to Auburn Rail Trail (GAR) that is supported by the Maitland Trail Association -from Auburn to Hwy 21 in Goderich – and the Menesetung Bridge Association – from Hwy 21 to the lake.

Not to be missed on this route is the historic Tiger Dunlop tomb and the breathtaking view from the Menesetung Bridge that spans the Maitland River and looks out onto Lake Huron.


G2G Trail Events

Get off the couch and on the TRAIL! All of our events are supported by the surrounding communities along the G2G Rail Trail.

As an outdoor enthusiast, you, your friends and your family can Bike, Hike, Run or Walk the trail. From bird watchers to experienced cyclists, the G2G Rail Trail offers a place for you to be as active as you choose.
The key focus the G2G Event Committee is to encourage local communities to engage with the trailway, while allowing for a safe environment for all ages.

The central theme for the past six years has been focused around the real need of “building bridges and connecting communities.”

Watch our webpage calendar, Facebook and Twitter feeds for information on upcoming events.


SOTT 2018

Click HERE for event page and registration

For the past 6 years, thousands of outdoor enthusiasts have supported, using human power, the development and conversion of the Goderich to Guelph Rail Trail.

Spring On The Trail on May 13th is our major fundraiser of the year. In 2017 it will be at both ends of the trail with events along the Kissing Bridge Traiway that runs from Guelph to Millbank and on the G2G Trail in Goderich and in Blyth.

Help facilitate the community based conversion of the former CPR 127KM rail bed by coming out to support, enjoy and utilize the trail.

Look for events and information hosted by volunteers in any of the communities along the trail. For location of “trailhead” crossings, follow the trail on our google map link.

For more updates on events in the individual communities please visit our facebook page facebook.com/g2grailtrail

Spring On The Trail is a free event – but we do ask that you consider a contribution of $20.00 or make a larger donation towards trail improvements. Go to www.springonthetrail.ca for more information.

You can donate by clicking our Donate button or follow any of the Paypal links.

You can volunteer and participate as a group, club or business by clicking HERE to go to the SOTT event page.


Partner Events

We love to share our trail!

While most happenings on the trail are spontaneous or are personal treks, larger activities are welcome and encouraged.

Plan an event along the trail and let us know, we will post it for you to help pass the word. Past years have seen enthusiastic use of the trail for the Steaming Nostril bike race and of course our own Spring on the Trail. We look forward to working with you on your event.



#CanadaRidesG2G – 4 Day Trail Challenge Tour 2018


29 June Friday to Monday July 2

This Canada Day long weekend, prepare to join other intermediate to experienced bike riders from across Ontario and beyond for an epic 4 day, 3 night challenge tour of the G2G Rail Trail!


  • Supported camping tour rides the G2G Rail Trail from end to end and back across rural Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington.
  • Bike your choice of between 200km and 270km total over 4 days, mostly off the roads on the G2G Rail Trail with a few on-road detours as needed.
  • Enjoy stopping for food and drinks at rural favourites like Anna Mae’s in Millbank for baking and broasted chicken, or the popular new Cowbell Brewing Co. in Blyth.
  • Take in wide open country landscapes from your bike and sights like the covered bridge at West Montrose.
  • Camp with showers and facilities overnight Friday in West Montrose, then camp two nights in Blyth.
  • Ride Canada Day to Lake Huron and the beach at Goderich, or stay back and enjoy the day in Blyth at local restaurants, the brewery and the theatre.
  • Cycle back on the holiday Monday to the finish line in Elmira in the company of friends from the tour. 

Riders get camping, showers, luggage transfers, meals, daily tour cue sheets, volunteer support riders,  SAG vehicle support, water/snack/rest/community stops and more included in their registration fee of $375 (all taxes and registration fees included). 



REGISTER HERE (opens a new page on Canada Helps)









For more information, please email info@g2grailtrail.com


G2G Rail Trail

Mapping and wayfinding is an important tool for any trail.  G2G has engaged with local stakeholders and the University of Waterloo, working together to provide active online mapping.

Our mapping project is also being used to develop real time online tools for trail steward groups to aid in maintenance and project management.

Our current map allows you to see not only the overview of the various communities and the entire trail, but also to find the major points of entry to the trail in Google Earth and the bypasses where bridges are yet to be rebuilt.

When the final map is ready there will be a live link from the home page.


Click here for a Google Maps view of the trail




Printable Maps

Lake Huron Route Map 1

Lake Huron Route Map 1

Click on map to access Lake Huron Route from Goderich to Blyth via Auburn.

Lake Huron Route Map 2

Lake Huron Route Map 2

Click on the map to access the Lake Huron Route from Blyth to McNaught Line , via Walton.

Perth Harvest Pathway Map 1

Perth Harvest Pathway Map 1

Click on the map to access the Perth Harvest Pathway from Walton to Monkton.

Perth Harvest Pathway Map 2

Perth Harvest Pathway Map 2

Click on the map to access the Perth Harvest Pathway from Livingston Line through the diversion at Milverton.

Kissing Bridge Trailway Map 1

Kissing Bridge Trailway Map 1

Click on the map to access the Kissing Bridge Trailway from Millbank to Elmira, via Linwood and Wallenstein.

Kissing Bridge Trailway Map 2

Kissing Bridge Trailway Map 2

Click on the map to access the Kissing Bridge Trailway from to Guelph via West Montrose and Ariss.


Connecting Trails

Transcanada Trail

TransCanada Trail

The historic TC Trail coincides with the G2G at the Kissing Bridge Trailway.


Cottontail Road Trail

Cottontail Road Trail

This newest Wellington County trail connects the G2G to the Elora Cataract Trail.


Blyth Greenway Trail

Blyth Greenway Trail

This offshoot of the Blyth section travels along Blyth Brook and ends at a unique stone arch bridge.


Local Maps


Trails in Wellington County


Trails in Woolwich County

North Perth

Trails in North Perth


Trails in Huron County


Trails in Waterloo


The Elora Cataract Trail


The Stratford Avon Trail


The Guelph Hiking Trail Club


G2G Charitable Foundation

Fundraising campaigns can be tough to organize and the need for financial resources can seem never ending.

In order to keep the legacy of the former rail bed in good repair, it was necessary to register the organization as a charity.
This decision has been very well supported.

G2G Rail Trail Inc. has two main mandates as a registered charity:

1. Ensure the G2G Rail Trail can be maintained for everyone to use.

2. To extend a helping hand to any Trail Group that connects to the G2G Rail Trail

Reference: G2G Rail Trail Inc. Charity Reg# 835906231 RR0001



The G2G Rail Trail is proudly maintained by volunteers but is supported through your kindness and generosity.

Your donations are greatly appreciated and can be made through our website using the Donate button,  or by a cheque to our email address. If you have a specific project or purpose for your donated funds, please contact us directly via email – foundation@g2grailtrail.com.

We welcome all support!

You can also help by using the trail yourself and spreading the word to get more people to use, enjoy and support the trail.

Reference: G2G Rail Trail Inc. Charity Reg# 835906231 RR0001


Use of Funds

Although time and labour is kindly donated by our volunteers, many of the materials and machines we need for the trail are not free.

Improvements are varied and can be expensive, ranging from stone dust for the pathway itself to large bridges to reconnect the trail to its former continuous state.

Past ventures include building bridges at Millbank, Blyth and Milverton, a staircase with bike trough at Katherine St. in West Montrose and improved surfacing, signage, kiosks and gates along the entire trailway.

We look forward to building more bridges and adding benches and other amenities to make the Goderich to Guelph Rail Trail a safe and enjoyable passageway for you and your family.

You can find more information about our past and ongoing fundraising projects by visiting our Donate page.

Reference: G2G Rail Trail Inc. Charity Reg# 835906231 RR0001



Goderich to Guelph Rail Trail Inc. strives to enrich the quality of life for everyone.

We promote the development, preservation and enjoyment of diverse, high-quality trails and greenways that connect our Southwestern Ontario communities.

Reference: G2G Rail Trail Inc. Charity Reg# 835906231 RR0001

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